Andhra Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

The bank has a dedicated customer service department through which it addresses all kinds of customer queries and grievances. If you want to contact the Andhra Bank Credit Card Customer Care department, you can approach the general enquiry number or the dedicated number for credit card enquiries and have a representative resolve your query.

Below is a list of Andhra Bank Customer Care Nos. for general enquiries and Andhra Bank Card Customer Care Numbers (for queries related to credit cards).

Andhra Bank Credit Card Toll-Free Number

If you would like to get in touch with the bank for any kind of credit card-related query – be it a question on annual fees, or a purchase on your credit card statement, or any complaints related to credit cards, you can contact the following credit card customer care number.

Andhra Bank 24 x 7 credit card Customer Care Toll-Free number: 1800 425 4059

In case you lose your credit card or are suspicious that your credit card details have been compromised, immediately call the Andhra Bank Credit Card 24-Hour Customer Care Number to get your credit card blocked or hot listed.

Customer Service Department Number:

If the customer is not satisfied with the response from the agents on the toll-free number, they can contact the customer service department at the following numbers.

Customers can contact their Customer Service Department at the following Numbers between 10.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m on all working days (Except second and fourth Saturdays).

040 23234313, 23252000 Extn: 2422, 2577

Credit Card Customer Care Department

Cardholder can contact 24×7 (24 hours x 7days a week) Credit Card Division, Head Office, Hyderabad at the following Phone numbers:

National Toll-Free number Contact Number
Telephone Number +91 40 2468 3210 or 3220
Fax Number +91 40 2475 5052

Alternate ways to contact Andhra Bank

To make sure that they are able to address all the issues a customer has Andhra Bank has also provided other means by which customers can contact Andhra Bank.

By Email: ccdhelpdesk[at]andhrabank[dot]co[dot]in

By Fax: 040 – 2475 5052

Credit Card SMS Services

There is no longer any need to contact the customer service department directly for queries related to credit cards! You can avail the following services through SMS if you are a holder of Andhra Bank Credit Card. Your mobile number needs to be registered for availing SMS services. Ensure that you type all SMS requests in capital letters.

Grievance Redressal

If a customer is not satisfied with the solution provided through any of the previously mentioned methods – tele calling or email can file a complaint at Andhra Bank’s grievance redressal portal.

Grievance redressal can be done by means of an online form which can be availed from the Andhra Bank Website where the following fields needs to be filled

Existing customer – Choose if you are an existing customer or not. This is a radio button which needs to be chosen.

Name of Customer – If you are an existing customer fill your name as per the bank records. That is the exact name you have provided to the bank at the time of using the bank’s services.

Address of the complainant – In case you are not an existing customer you need to provide your address.

Account number – If you are an existing customer you only need to provide your account number from which the bank can get all your basic information

Branch locator – In this field you need to choose the branch against whom you are filing the grievance.

Type of Interaction – Here you need to choose between 3 types of interaction predefined by the bank namely Complaint/Suggestion/Enquiry. The bank will segregate your request accordingly.

Contact details – You need to fill up the requested contact details which are email, telephone and mobile number.

Category of Complaint – You need to choose which category or department your complaint is filled against. This way they can narrow down to the product you had an issue with.

Product and Services – If you have chosen credit cards in the category of complaint then you can choose the product credit card here. The necessary team will be intimated about your complaint.

Nature of Complaint – Here you need to choose the exact problem where you had a problem.

Brief Description of Complaint – You can also give a brief description of what occurred or what type of problem you are facing to provide more clarity on the issue.

Once all these fields have been filled you just need to hit Submit.

Grievance Redressal Tracking

Once the grievance has been filed the complainant can track the status of their complaint by visiting the Andhra Bank website which can be viewed by just entering the complaint tracking number.

Grievance Redressal Escalation for Credit Cards

The Cardholder is advised to contact the Bank for making any enquiries or for any grievance redressal through any of the following means:

National Toll-Free No. 1800 425 1515(24×7)

Through e-mail: ccdhelpdesk[at]andhrabank[dot]co[dot]in

Through Fax No. 040 – 2475 5052.

By writing to the following address


Andhra Bank,

Credit Card Division,

Head Office, Andhra Bank Buildings,

Koti Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad – 500 095.


In case satisfactory response is not received by the Cardholder within a reasonable time, Cardholder may contact the nearest Nodal Executive at nearest Zonal Office or

Chief Manager

Andhra Bank,

Credit Card Division,

Head Office,

2nd Floor Andhra Bank Building,

Koti, Hyderabad – 500 095.

About Andhra Bank

Andhra Bank was established in 1923 and offers products related to consumer banking, credit cards, corporate banking, finance and insurance, private banking, wealth management, social, agricultural, international and corporate banking services. It has its headquarters in Hyderabad, India.

Locate Andhra Bank

There is a comprehensive list of address and numbers if you wish to get in touch with Andhra Bank. Just log on to the website and click on the “Locate Us” link, from which you could search and refine to find the address of your desired Andhra Bank branch. Following is the Head office address of the bank:

Andhra Bank Head Office

5-9-11, Dr Pattabhi Bhavan,

Secretariat Road, Saifabad,

Hyderabad 500 004. Telangana.


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